Welcome to Mutthu Marathon

A state level event launched in 1998 to honor the courage, physical agility and endurance of our ancestors. Starting with 117 participants in two categories in 1998, the annual event has grown in recent years to include many races and participants from various parts of the world. Konganapuram Foundation, Konganapuram Sports Club and Muthu Marathon Organising Committee, conducts marathon every year.

Our Track

Mutthu Marathon is unique in terms of encouraging rural sports. Past runners have remarked that Mutthu Marathon track offers a very charming experience. Please be aware that Mutthu Marathon, set on country roads on a hilly terrain, offers one of toughest full-marathon tracks in the world even for veteran runners. In spite of Winter season, the temperature could get very warm especially for the full and half-marathon runners.

Runners Experience

Ram Viswanathan (Chennai Runners Founding Member)

The Mutthu Marathon was the first marathon held in rural India. It was a unique experience for me, surrounded by beautiful green fields and friendly people. The race started from a religious place and followed a route through paddy fields and rural roads lined with trees.

Sivanantham S (Record Holder)

The specialness of Muthu Marathon has never been found in any other marathon. Let’s come, run, get a prize and leave! That’s all I know. In Muthu Marathon, I got the feeling that I had run a real marathon, not just the road, but the countryside, sand, mud, and beyond all this, the road again.

Gunasekaran V

One of the finest marathons, or public events I have ever attended, very beautifully organized, people participated with more enthusiasm, even the public along the track actively participated by cheering the participants and offering water or juice on their own. This event gave me confidence, that i can also walk 8K.

Dr. Periyasamy M (IPS Officer)

Muthu Marathon 2021 was my first full marathon post COVID at Konganapuram. It was a tough and happy moment to run with a short loop and elevation amid fears of Coronavirus. But I was impressed with the event and happy to run.